Frequently Asked Questions

In keeping with our commitment to service excellence, our goal is to ensure that you have access to information that will help maximize the benefits of our programs and services. Below are responses to some frequently asked questions on various topics.


+ What is the process of joining Arete Pharmacy Network?
  • Access and click "Join Our Network". Complete the required fields to create an account.
  • A confirmation email will be generated to your pharmacy with a link to verify your account and answer security questions. Your pharmacy will then be granted access to the Arete Pharmacy Network website to complete the application.
  • After completing the application, it will be reviewed for approval onto the network.
  • Once approved, additional documents will be sent to your pharmacy to electronically sign and return to begin enrollment onto the network.
+ Are there any wholesaler restrictions for a participating pharmacy of Arete Pharmacy Network?
Arete Pharmacy Network accepts pharmacies affiliated with any Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor (VAWD) accredited wholesaler. To find out if your wholesaler is accredited, visit:

Please Note: If your pharmacy is located in a HEAT Zone, additional requirements may apply.
+ When should I term my current PSAO affiliation?
Arete Pharmacy Network recommends contacting your current PSAO upon completing the necessary steps on the NCPDP website. Typically, the NCPDP approval process takes 5-7 business days.

Please Note: Some Pharmacy Benefit Managers require your current PSAO affiliation to send notice of termination to them before a new PSAO relationship can be added.
+ When will my pharmacy have access to Arete Pharmacy Network contracts?
Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) update their network affiliations on various timeframes (daily, weekly, and monthly). During the transition period from your previous PSAO to Arete Pharmacy Network, you should not experience any processing issues. If issues should arise, please contact Member Services at 866-709-1179.
+ How will my payments be impacted by switching PSAO networks?
Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBMs) administer payment to the PSAO that the prescription is processed under. If the prescription was filled while you were affiliated with your previous PSAO, it will be paid by your previous PSAO. While you will not experience a decrease in payments overall, you will receive payments from both your previous PSAO and Arete Pharmacy Network during the transition period. In some instances, pharmacies will receive paper checks paid directly to their pharmacy during the transition.

Accessing the Website

+ When I join Arete Pharmacy Network, how do I get a user name and password to access the website?
Your pharmacy will be assigned a username and password to login to After your initial login, you will be prompted to change your password.

Please Note: Arete Pharmacy Network's programs and services are primarily accessible via the members-only section of our website. Keep the User ID and Password created for your pharmacy in a safe place.
+ How do I update the information on my member profile on the website?
To make any changes to your member profile, you are required to fill out the Account Information Change Form. To download the form, follow the steps below:
  • Log in to with your assigned username and password.
  • Click on the "Account" tab, to view your member profile.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Account Information Change Form".
  • Fill out the form with the details you wish to update and send this as an email attachment to or fax it to 602.678.0136.